Innovative and patented MMCR technology

For a controlled release syrup

The revolutionary MMCR technology (Multi-layer Micro-particle Controlled Release) enables the development of a controlled (sustained or delayed) release syrup.

This technology allows:

Compliance improvement in patients with swallowing impairments (e.g., elderly or paediatric or critically ill individuals).

Increased treatment efficiency for patients that use alternative systems to enable swallowing (e.g., grinding or dissolving).

2 drug delivery systems possible:

  • Delayed release
  • Sustained release

MMCR technology is applicable to any active ingredient whose daily dose is less than 50 mg. POC (proof of concept) has, to date, been obtained for the 2 possible applications: sustained release (Pramipexole) and delayed release (Esomeprazole).

We are seeking partners for the next steps in development of these molecules or others requiring delayed or sustained release.

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