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Responding to the highest production quality standards, developing new products, and guaranteeing total safety to patients are all missions that BePharBel Manufacturing set its self when it was created. Founded in 2012 by a group of active and experienced players on the Belgian and international pharmaceutical development market, our company has expanded dynamically following the purchase in 2012 of the assets belonging to the firm Propharex and, more recently in 2014, the purchases of ERFA Pharm's assets.

Armed with this industrial heritage, BePharBel Manufacturing has set itself the mission of developing and manufacturing innovative pharmaceutical and para-pharmaceutical products. All our production meets the most stringent and most regulated European standards (EU G.M.P.).

The BePharBel Manufacturing products range today already includes widely known drug products such as Aureomycin®, Neobacitracine®, Codethyline®, Hydrocortisone® or Delphi® and high added value food supplements that meet the needs of the current population (e.g., children and the elderly) on the Belgian and international markets.

BePharBel Manufacturing also uses all its expertise in developing and manufacturing medicines intended for local populations in Africa to treat malaria.

In the forthcoming years, the growth of BePharBel Manufacturing will also be ensured by research, development and the licensing of innovative drug products developed in cooperation with Belgian universities, as well as by the extension of its range of high added value food supplements.

BePharBel Manufacturing also makes its expertise and modern resources available to third parties (private or university research and development centres and pharmaceutical laboratories) who wish to sub-contract the development and/or production of pharmaceutical and para-pharmaceutical products in total safety. The comprehensive range of industrial tools that BePharBel Manufacturing possesses makes it possible to handle varied galenic forms (solids, liquids or pastes), whether sterile or non-sterile.

BePharBel Manufacturing boasts a qualified and motivated team determined to meet the health challenges of tomorrow with suppleness and flexibility.

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10 January 2020

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17 January 2019

The FEDER and Wallonia invest in our Future !

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21 December 2018

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