Quality and innovation for patients, a global solution and flexibility for our partners


BePharBel Manufacturing draws every day on the values that are an integral part of our business. These values help to galvanise our development strategy and guide us in the decisions we take going forward.


The quality of our products, a guarantee of our thoroughness.

For BePharBel Manufacturing, it is important to offer patients efficient and reliable medicines.

This is why our people are highly qualified and make it a point of honour to guarantee our products via the most stringent quality control, a sign of trust and safety for all. In addition, our EU-GMP certification, our expertise in the manufacture of sterile products including the production of injectables and our authorisation for the manufacture of clinical batches demonstrate our utmost rigor.


Development of new technologies to improve health for all.

At BePharBel Manufacturing, we help improve everyone’s health through our R&D activities. At present, we are working on the development of medicines associated with our new patented technology (MMCR – Multi layer Micro-particle Controlled Release). We pursue simultaneously research projects which could lead in the longer term, to new treatments for a whole series of pathologies, including some forms of cancer.


Our strengths are our adaptation capacity and flexibility.

Whether for small, medium-sized or large pharmaceutical firms, we provide customised responses to each of our partners.


Our customers are our PARTNERS.

To build up the required trust, we opt for transparency in our communication. We also ensure that your project is managed by a dedicated team, which will guide you through your project.


Our mission is to contribute to the best state of health for all by supplying our partners with a comprehensive and integrated solution that accelerates availability for patients and focuses on quality and competitiveness.


The development of new formulations and the reformulation of old formulas or how to reveal the full potential of active ingredients which have already proven successful!


  • A comprehensive and integrated solution on a sole site for all our activities (R&D and production)
  • Our commitment to quality
  • Our flexibility
  • Our dedicated and highly qualified team.

BePharBel Manufacturing attaches great importance to limiting its ecological footprint.

Year after year, we have implemented several solutions aimed at limiting our environmental impact:

  • Advanced treatment programme for waste and discharged water.
  • Efficient waste management.
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions via, in particular, the forthcoming installation of 1,200 m² solar panels, a partnership with a carbon neutral supplier for our data hosting and the installation of electrical recharging points.
  • Establishment of a committed green committee made up of volunteer members from the personnel, which has already been behind several projects, such as the implementation of zero waste meeting rooms, installation of water fountains linked to the tap water supply, recommendation of measures for better waste management and optimisation of energetic resources.