Revealing the full potential of active ingredients that have already proven successful

Our organisation works on more than 10 different galenic forms, both sterile and non-sterile, as well as more than 40 finished products.

Over the years, this diversity has allowed us to acquire solid know-how that we place at the service of developing formulations (or reformulations) of small molecules. We are convinced that many API still possess an unexploited potential yet to be revealed in order to accelerate therapeutic progress. The desire of our CDMO is to actively contribute to this.

This is why our laboratory also works on the development of new technologies. Our latest unique and worldwide patent is that of MMCR (Multi-layer Microparticle Controlled Release) technology which allows the development of a controlled release syrup (sustained or delayed). A major breakthrough for pediatric populations or people with swallowing impairments.

Discover our unique MMCR technology for a controlled release syrup

Are you looking for help for the development of an API or to update old files with galenic development?


Sterile forms :

  • injectables
  • powder in vials
  • semi-solids in tubes

Liquid forms :

  • syrups
  • nasal sprays

Semi-solid forms :

  • creams
  • gels
  • ointments

Dry forms :

  • tablets
  • capsules