Analytical Services and Related Services

Analytical Services

Our team is made up of experts in analytical development and quality control who use cutting edge and regularly qualified equipment to provide the following services:

  • Development and validation of analytical methods (ICH)
  • Transfer of analytical methods
  • ICH stability studies (storage in climatic chambers and analysis), ongoing or to support the establishment of your registration file
  • Quality control for both raw materials and finished products in accordance with the European (EP) and American (USP) pharmacopoeia

Related Services

Because our ambition is to provide the most integrated solution possible, which guarantees a fluid and optimised process, we offer an extensive portfolio of related services.
Among these, the following are carried out in-house:

  • Batch releases by a Qualified Person
  • Logistics services, including the supply of active ingredients
  • Packaging
  • Serialisation

Also, via collaboration with carefully selected partners, we provide assistance with preparation of your regulatory files, pharmacovigilance and commercial distribution of your products in Belgium.